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      Carlo Allion...."The artist was always alive in me"                                   il Tappeto Magico #1 - sculpted mixed media

“Art is quite personal. The finished piece is like fragments of your subconscious imagination revealed on canvas for people to interpret” says visual artist Carlo Allion. “Creativity has always been a big part of my life in everything I do”





















                                                    Inventoris #3 - Sculpted Mixed Media - 40" x 72"


zeebigbang - asked Carlo about his life as an artist and his distinct mixed media style that combines sculpture and acrylic painting on canvas.


Of his artistic process he says... 

“I don’t want to necessarily represent things as they are seen or should be. I don’t even try to understand it more than that I am just creating in the moment. A playful state of mind where concepts and ideas flow freely from my subconscious and onto canvas."

Carlo continues...“It is the act of ‘doing’ that starts the whole creative and imaginative process for me. I start with a concept and build around it. Over the course of time it takes to create a piece I end up bringing different perspective and ideas that allows my work to evolve and change organically.”

Once he has completed a piece of art Carlo has no problem letting it go. He explains that his personal reward is the creative process, not the end product. “I don’t need to own the piece art...I just need to create it.”



Which piece would you say is your favourite...

“My favourite piece of work that I'm most proud of is usually the last piece

I worked on. However, after a short period of time I'm ready to start work

again on the next great piece of art and that will become my new favourite.

I believe this is the driving force behind my desire to continue to create.  

The challenge of creating that one Master Piece that will be

'The One'. Well that will just never will always be the next piece

that will be the one I'm most proud of.” he says with a laugh. 

"I see it as an important part of my growth as an continually

push my work to perfection"


Meaning of Success varies for Artists...

“I believe success can be viewed differently by different artists.

It depends if your perspective of success is gaged by monetary values...or do you

feel satisfied with all your accomplishments you were able to achieve along

the way of becoming an artist." 


                                                Time to play #1 - sculpted mixed media 48" x 36"

Inventoris #3
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