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The artist was always alive in me


“Art is quite personal. The finished piece is like fragments of your subconscious imagination,” says visual artist Carlo Allion. “For many artists, creating becomes part of your life. It is like oxygen - you need art to breathe. If you don’t create art you are not a happy person.”

















 asked Allion about his life as an artist and his distinct mixed media style that combines sculpture and acrylic painting on canvas.


Of his artistic process he says, “I get into this sort of free flow of ideas, a playful state of mind. I don’t want to necessarily represent things as they should be. I don’t even try to understand it more than that I am just creating in the moment.

Allion continues, “It is the act of ‘doing’ the art that starts the whole creative process. I start with one concept and build around it. Over the course of time it takes to create a piece, sometimes a month or more, I end up bringing different perspective and ideas that allows my work to evolve and change organically.”

Once he has completed a piece of art Allion has no problem letting it go. He explains that his personal reward is the creative process, not the end product. “I don’t need to own the product. I just need to create it.”



“My favorite piece is always my last piece. You’re always driven to do

better and to out-do your previous piece of work. So your last piece is

always your most proud accomplishment. Then after a pause you are

ready to challenge yourself to do better. That is what keeps an artist

going because we are always wanting to create that one piece that is…

‘the piece’, and that will never happen.  It will just be the next piece

that will be ‘the one’,” he says with a laugh.

Meaning of Success varies for Artists

“It does not matter how difficult it is if you really have it in you, you’ll find

a way and keep creating,” adds Allion. “Not all artists are driven the same

way. My goal is to be recognized as an artist on an international global

level. That is just how driven I am.


Allion says that artists face many challenges.  He says that in addition

to managing financially, artists must find the inner discipline to keep

painting and find their “own signature.” He explains, “To find your voice

in your work and to find your place as an artist is key. Artists are visual

creatures who are influenced by other Artists work, so it’s natural to

want to be able to mimic it and copy it. That is a learning experience for

all artists. But it is finding your own voice, your own niche in the industry,

finding your own look which is the biggest challenge. When you finally

reach that point you can say ‘this is my work’.  This is not anybody else’s

work. Although I have been influenced by other artists, this is mine and it

is definitely not anybody else’s.’”


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